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iPhone & iPad Repair – Gurnee, IL

Gurnee iPad and iPhone Owners: Get Your Repairs at 911 Tech Repair

You know the feeling. That sinking dread when your iPhone or iPad screen cracks. Or the frustration when the device just won’t turn on. As a Gurnee resident who relies on your Apple device, you need a repair shop you can trust to get your gadget up and running again. Don’t waste time driving all the way to the Apple Store. 911 Tech Repair is your neighborhood solution for Apple iPhone & iPad  repairs near Gurnee. Their certified technicians have the parts, tools, and expertise to diagnose any issue with your iPad or iPhone and get it fixed fast. No need to make a Genius Bar appointment and wait. Bring your broken, damaged, or malfunctioning device into 911 Tech Repair today and breathe easy knowing your repair is in capable hands.

Top Reasons to Get Your iPhone Repaired near Gurnee 911 Tech Repair

Fast, Quality Repairs

The technicians at 911 Tech Repair are iPhone repair experts. They have the proper training, experience, and equipment to perform high-quality repairs on all iPhone models quickly and efficiently. Whether you have a broken screen, water damage, or other issues with your iPhone, they can get it fixed fast so you can get back to using your phone.

90-Day Warranty on All Repairs

You can rest assured all parts and labor are guaranteed for 90 days after your repair at 911 Tech Repair. If anything goes wrong with the repair or part within that time period, just bring your phone back in and they will fix it at no additional charge. Their warranty shows they stand behind their affordable, high-quality iPhone repairs.

Convenient Location

911 Tech Repair is conveniently located near Gurnee, Illinois in Grayslake so you don’t have to drive far to get your iPhone fixed.  Stop by for a screen replacement or any other iPhone repair during their business hours Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. Fast, affordable iPhone repairs have never been more convenient for Gurnee and the surrounding area.

Why 911 Tech Repair Is the Best for iPad Repairs near Gurnee

Expert Technicians

At 911 Tech Repair, our technicians are experts in iPad repairs of all kinds. They have years of experience fixing iPads and stay up-to-date with the latest models and repair techniques. No matter what iPad issue you’re having, our techs have seen it before and know exactly how to fix it.

Fast, Affordable Service

We know you rely on your iPad every day, so we strive to complete repairs as quickly as possible. Most repairs can be done in just a few hours. We also offer affordable prices and a 90-day warranty on all parts and labor. iPads are expensive, so we work hard to keep costs low while still using high-quality components.

Honest, Transparent Process

Some repair shops try to upsell customers on unnecessary work, but we never perform any repairs without your approval. We will thoroughly diagnose your iPad’s issues, clearly explain the problem, and provide an estimate for only the work that needs to be done. You’ll know exactly what’s wrong with your iPad and how much it will cost to fix before we start the repair.

Convenient Local Service

As Gurnee residents ourselves, we understand the importance of convenient, local services. Our repair shop is near the heart of Gurnee, so you don’t have to drive far to get your iPad fixed.

For fast, affordable iPad repairs from technicians you can trust, 911 Tech Repair is the best choice for Gurnee iPad owners. Bring your iPad into our local shop or schedule a pickup today to get your tablet back in working order. Our team is ready to provide the expert service you need to stay connected.

Common iPhone Issues We Repair

Cracked or Broken Screens

Dropping your iPhone and cracking the screen is one of the most common issues we see. Our technicians can efficiently replace your iPhone’s entire display assembly, including the digitizer and LCD. We use only high-quality, OEM-certified parts to ensure your new display works like the original.

Battery Replacement

Has your iPhone’s battery life gone down the drain? We can swap out your aging battery for a fresh one to bring your iPhone back to like-new performance and usage times per charge. Our batteries are tested and approved to meet Apple’s quality standards.

Water Damage

If your iPhone took an accidental swim, bring it in right away. Our expert technicians can open up your iPhone, dry out any water damage, and replace any necessary components to revive waterlogged iPhones. The sooner we can start the repair process, the better your chances of a full recovery with no lasting issues.

Software Issues

For software glitches like apps crashing frequently, storage errors, or problems with iOS updates, we offer diagnostics and troubleshooting to identify and fix the issues. We can also wipe your iPhone clean and reinstall the latest iOS to refresh the software. If needed, we can access and preserve data on the iPhone during the process.

Other Common Repairs

We also frequently replace malfunctioning iPhone cameras, microphones, speakers and charging ports. No repair is too difficult for our highly-trained technicians. So whether it’s a broken button or unresponsive Home button, we’ve got you covered. 911 Tech Repair is your one-stop shop for any and all iPhone repairs for Gurnee.

iPad Screen Repairs Done Quickly and Affordably

As an iPad owner, you know one of the most common issues these tablets face is a cracked screen. Whether it slipped off the couch or took a tumble out of your bag, broken iPad screens are a pain to deal with. The good news is 911 Tech Repair specializes in affordable, same-day iPad screen repairs.

Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are experts in iPad screen replacement and repair. They have years of experience and stay up-to-date with the latest iPad models and their touchscreen technology. You can trust them to handle your iPad with care and return it to like-new condition.

High-Quality Parts

We only use high-quality parts for iPad screen repairs, including OEM Apple displays when available. Our parts are tested and guaranteed to function properly for at least 90 days. You’ll get an iPad screen that looks and works like the original.

Fast, Affordable Service

At 911 Tech Repair, we value your time and money. That’s why we offer same-day iPad screen repairs, often within just a couple of hours. Our affordable prices are typically $100 to $250 less than the Apple Store, depending on your iPad model. We also provide free estimates if you’re on a tight budget.

Don’t live with a cracked iPad screen or pay more than you need to. Bring your iPad into 911 Tech Repair near Gurnee for a fast, affordable screen replacement by our experienced technicians. We’ll have your iPad looking as good as new in no time at all. Call or stop by today for your free estimate and get your iPad back to enjoying apps, games, videos and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gurnee iPhone Repair

How much does iPhone repair cost in Gurnee?

iPhone repair costs can vary depending on the model of iPhone you have and the specific issue that needs fixing. On average, you can expect to pay between $50 to $300 for common iPhone repairs like cracked screen replacements, battery replacements, or water damage repairs at 911 Tech Repair near Gurnee. We offer affordable pricing and quality parts so you get great value for your money.

Do you offer same-day iPhone repair for Gurnee?

Yes, we offer same-day iPhone repair service for most issues. As long as we have the necessary parts in stock for your specific iPhone model and repair need, we can usually complete the work in a few hours. We understand the inconvenience of being without your iPhone, so we make same-day repair a priority. Simply drop off your iPhone at our nearby Gurnee shop during business hours and we’ll call you as soon as it’s ready to be picked up.

Can you recover data from a damaged iPhone?

In some cases, we are able to recover data from iPhones with issues like water damage, software failures or broken screens. Our technicians use special forensics tools and techniques to extract text messages, photos, contacts and other types of data from damaged iPhones. While data recovery is not guaranteed, if your iPhone has valuable information on it, we can attempt to rescue your data before performing any major repairs. We’ll evaluate your iPhone, discuss the data recovery options and chances of success, then proceed only with your approval.

Do you service other brands like Samsung or Google phones?



And there you have it, people of Gurnee. When your iPhone’s screen is cracked or your iPad just won’t turn on, 911 Tech Repair is your go-to for fast, affordable repairs right in your hometown. Their technicians are Apple certified so you know your device is in good hands. Plus, their location is super convenient and they have stellar reviews. So next time you’re dealing with a tech emergency, breathe easy knowing 911 Tech Repair has got your back. Head on over and let them make your problem disappear. Your device will be back to normal before you know it.

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