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As a busy professional, you know the importance of having a fully functional desktop computer. When your machine starts acting up, you need a reliable repair service to get you back up and running quickly. Look no further than 911 Tech Repair Company. With over 15 years of experience, our certified technicians have seen it all. We provide expert diagnosis and repair for desktops, laptops, and peripherals. Our quick turnaround times mean less downtime, so you can get back to work. We offer competitive rates and quality workmanship you can trust. Read on to learn how our desktop computer repair services can meet your needs. Whether you need a hardware fix, software installation, or full system overhaul, 911 Tech Repair has the skills to solve your tech troubles fast.

Common Desktop Computer Issues We Repair

Hardware Problems

Desktop computers contain many hardware components like the hard drive, memory modules, graphics card, and CPU that can malfunction over time and with frequent use. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing and repairing issues with desktop computer hardware like non-functioning hard drives, memory errors, graphics card failures, and processor problems.

Software Issues

Desktop computer software like operating systems and applications can also develop problems that prevent the computer from functioning properly. Our technicians are highly skilled at resolving software issues such as operating system crashes, application errors, malware infections, and software incompatibilities that are disrupting the performance of your desktop computer.

Connectivity Problems

Desktop computers rely on components like wireless network cards, Ethernet ports, and modems to connect to the Internet and local networks. When these connectivity components malfunction or network settings get misconfigured, desktop computers can lose access to the Internet and local network resources. Our technicians have extensive experience troubleshooting connectivity issues with desktop computers and performing repairs or replacements of faulty network components.

Data Recovery

Data stored on desktop computer hard drives can sometimes become inaccessible due to hardware failures, software glitches, or accidental deletion. Our data recovery specialists utilize advanced tools and techniques to salvage and restore lost or unreadable data from desktop computer hard drives and other storage media in many situations. We can often recover data even from hard drives that are no longer functioning.

Recovering Data From Failed Hard Drives

Diagnosing the Problem

If your desktop computer has stopped functioning or is running extremely slowly, the hard drive may have failed or be failing. The first step is to diagnose the problem. Check if the hard drive is making any unusual noises like clicking, grinding or squealing sounds. These can indicate a mechanical failure. You may also receive error messages indicating issues with the hard drive or problems accessing data. Run a diagnostic tool to scan for and repair any errors. If issues persist, it’s best to backup any important data and consider replacing the hard drive.

Attempting Data Recovery

Before replacing the hard drive, it may be possible to recover data from it. However, if there is physical damage to the drive, software may only recover fragments of files, if any at all. In these cases, professional data recovery services should be consulted to manually repair and extract data.

Taking Proper Precautions

To avoid hard drive failures and data loss in the future, take some precautionary steps. Perform regular disk checks and defragmentation to fix any errors and optimize space. Backup important files to external storage or cloud storage services in case the hard drive fails again. Consider using a RAID array which duplicates data across multiple hard drives. This ensures access to data even if one drive fails. Keep your desktop computer in a cool, well-ventilated area away from excess vibration or magnetic fields which can damage the hard drive. With proper precautions taken, hard drive failures and loss of critical data can be avoided.

Diagnosing and Replacing Faulty Motherboards

Diagnostic Testing

To determine if the motherboard is malfunctioning, our certified technicians will perform a series of diagnostic tests. This includes inspecting the motherboard for any visible damage or blown capacitors, testing individual components like the CPU, memory modules, and graphics card, and running software diagnostics to check for issues with the motherboard firmware or BIOS.

BIOS Reset or Update

If a software or firmware issue is detected, the technician will attempt to reset the BIOS to factory default settings or update the BIOS to the latest version. Resetting or updating the BIOS can often resolve issues with the motherboard detecting or communicating with certain hardware components.

Physical Damage Assessment

For signs of physical damage to the motherboard, the technician will thoroughly inspect all components and circuitry. If damage is minor, certain parts may be replaced. However, in the event of extensive damage, especially to critical components that impact multiple functions, replacement of the entire motherboard will likely be necessary.

Motherboard Replacement

If diagnostic testing confirms a hardware issue with the motherboard itself that cannot be repaired, our technicians will replace the motherboard. The technician will ensure all cables, components, and cards are properly connected to the new motherboard. Extensive testing will then be performed to verify full functionality of the motherboard with the existing hardware before the computer is returned to you.

A replacement motherboard provides a permanent solution to resolve issues with your desktop computer when damage or malfunctions cannot be remedied through repair or resetting of the current motherboard. 911 Tech Repair Company has access to high-quality, compatible replacement motherboards for most major desktop computer brands and models.

Performance Upgrades to Optimize Your Computer

To maximize the performance of your desktop computer, there are several hardware upgrades you can implement. By upgrading components like the memory, hard drive, and graphics card, you can dramatically improve your computer’s speed and power.

Increase RAM

Random Access Memory or RAM is responsible for running active processes and programs on your computer. More RAM means your computer can run more programs simultaneously without slowing down. For most basic tasks like web browsing and productivity, aim for at least 8GB of RAM. For gaming and video editing, 16GB or more is recommended. Upgrading your RAM is an easy process that can provide an immediate performance boost.

Upgrade to an SSD

A solid state drive or SSD can greatly reduce boot up and loading times compared to a traditional hard disk drive or HDD. SSDs have no moving parts so they can access data much faster. Replacing your HDD with an SSD or adding an additional SSD for storage can make a huge difference in how fast your computer feels. Most computers today support multiple storage drives, so you can keep your HDD for extra storage and use an SSD as your primary drive for the operating system and applications.

Update Graphics Card

For visually intensive tasks like gaming, photo and video editing, a dedicated graphics card is essential. Integrated graphics on your computer’s motherboard may struggle with these demanding applications. Upgrading to a newer, more powerful graphics card can allow you to play modern games on high settings and achieve better performance in editing software. Just be sure your power supply can handle the additional load before installing an upgraded graphics card.

By optimizing components like RAM, storage, and graphics, you can breathe new life into an older desktop computer and gain performance that rivals a brand new machine. With regular maintenance and occasional upgrades, a desktop PC can provide many years of fast, powerful computing.

Fixing Annoying Software Problems and Errors

Freezing or Unresponsive Programs

When software freezes or stops responding, it’s usually caused by a bug in the program, a driver issue, or low memory. Try ending the task through the Task Manager to force quit the program. You may need to restart your computer if the program won’t close. Once restarted, you may want to check for any available updates to the software to ensure you have the latest version installed. If the issue continues, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the program.

Run Time Errors and Script Errors

Run time and script errors refer to problems that occur when a program is running, often caused by issues in the programming code. They frequently pop up as error message boxes. Make note of the error code and message, then search online for solutions. The fix is often updating software or drivers, editing the registry, or adjusting program settings. If you can’t resolve it yourself, you may need professional technical support to diagnose and repair the error.

Installation or Uninstallation Problems

Difficulty installing or uninstalling programs usually stems from file corruption, lack of admin access, or incompatibility with your operating system. First, try running the installer or uninstaller as an administrator. You can also try uninstalling the program through the Control Panel. If that doesn’t work, a system restore point prior to installing the software may fix the issue. As a last resort, you may need to manually delete program files and registry entries before reinstalling.

Professional desktop support technicians have the experience and expertise to efficiently diagnose and resolve software issues. They can get your computer back up and running quickly when you encounter annoying program errors or other problems preventing you from being productive. Let the experts at 911 Tech Repair handle fixing your software issues so you can focus on what really matters.


As we have covered, 911 Tech Repair Company provides top-tier desktop computer repair services for individuals and businesses alike. Their team of highly-trained technicians can quickly diagnose any desktop issue you are experiencing and get your machine up and running again in no time. With competitive rates, fast turnaround times, and stellar customer service, you can trust that 911 Tech Repair has the expertise to handle all of your desktop repair needs. Whether you need a hardware fix, software installation, or full system overhaul, contact 911 Tech Repair today to get your desktop computer repaired by the pros.

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