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911 LogoLocated near Fox Lake, Illinois, 911 Tech Repair offers professional Fox Lake computer repair and Fox Lake cell phone repair services. We have been providing Fox Lake device repair services for over 10 years. Whether you need cell phone repair or computer repair for a laptop, desktop, or tablet, our expert technicians have the skills and experience to diagnose and fix any tech issue.

We offer fast turnaround times and affordable pricing on a wide range of repairs and services to meet all of your computer and smartphone repair needs.
Our technicians have repaired everything from liquid damaged devices and broken screens to motherboard replacements, data recovery services, and virus removal. We provide professional-grade cell phone repair for all smartphone brands like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and more. Our computer repair specialists can fix issues like slow performance, freezing or crashing, connectivity problems, and more for PCs and Macs.

For over a decade, 911 Tech Repair has been the go-to destination for Fox Lake for reliable cell phone repair and computer repair. Our team of certified technicians have the knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot and resolve hardware, software, connectivity, and performance issues for any device in your home or office.

Our team of certified technicians offers professional cell phone, tablet and computer repair services for Fox Lake, IL in nearby in Crystal Lake and Grayslake. We understand how much you rely on your devices, so we provide fast, affordable fixes to get you reconnected. Our convenient location and extended service hours mean we’re here when you need us. Why wait when you can have your phone, tablet or laptop running like new again today?

911 Tech Repair – Cell Phone Repair & Computer Repair – Crystal Lake
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911 Tech Repair – Cell Phone Repair & Computer Repair – Grayslake
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We fix all devices, all brands, all issues. Don't replace it, repair it. Our experts will diagnose the problem and get your phone, tablet, laptop or other gadget working like new again. Reliable, affordable repairs for Fox Lake, IL.

Whether you own the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy device, stylish MacBook, or a dependable Windows PC, our esteemed repair shop near Fox Lake, IL is the ultimate destination for all your technological needs. You can trust that at our repair shop near Fox Lake, your beloved electronic companions are in the hands of professionals who prioritize excellence and consistently deliver outstanding results. 911 Tech Repair: Fox Lake computer repair and cell phone repair experts!

More About Our Cell Phone Repair, Computer Repair, & Electronics Repair Services For Fox Lake

Why Fox Lake Residents Choose 911 Tech Repair for Computer & Cell Phone Repairs?

When your precious tech gives up the ghost, you need a repair shop you can trust. That’s where 911 Tech Repair comes in. As Fox Lake’s premier tech repair specialists, we have the skills and experience to quickly diagnose and fix whatever issues your devices may have.

For starters, our repair technicians are highly trained and certified. They stay up-to-date with the latest hardware, software, and repair techniques so they can mend your tech, whether it’s a common problem or something unusual. We’ve seen it all, from smashed screens and water damage to malware infections and component failures.

We also use high-quality parts and tools for all repairs. No cheap knock-offs here—only authentic parts and precision instruments. That means your repair will be done right the first time and last for years to come.

On top of that, our shop is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment so we can pinpoint what’s wrong with your device as efficiently as possible. The less time spent figuring out the issue means lower costs for you. And speaking of costs, our repair rates are highly competitive. We aim to get you the best service at the best price, every time.

Lastly, we stand behind all our repair work with a solid warranty. Have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong with your repair within the warranty period, just bring it back and we’ll make it right at no additional charge. When it comes to tech repair in Fox Lake, 911 Tech Repair is your best option. Bring your devices in today for a fast, affordable fix by real professionals.

Our Expertise in Electronics Repair

Our technicians are highly trained and certified to handle all of your technology repair needs. When it comes to electronics repair, we’ve got you covered.

Fox Lake Cell Phone Repair

fox lake illinois cell phone repair makes and models

We offer same-day service for most major smartphone brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google. Our techs can quickly diagnose and fix issues with charging ports, batteries, screens, cameras, and more. We also unlock phones and can help if you’ve forgotten your passcode.

Tablet Repair

Tablets are tricky to repair yourself, so let our pros handle it. We service iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Surface Pros, and other popular tablets. Common fixes include screen replacement, charging port replacement, and software upgrades. We’ll have your tablet working like new in no time.

Fox Lake Computer Repair

fox lake illinois computer repair makes and models

Our computer service covers both Windows PCs and Macs. We can troubleshoot problems with hardware, software, networking and internet connectivity. We also offer upgrades like adding memory, replacing hard drives, and reinstalling operating systems. Virus and malware removal, data recovery, and cloud backup solutions are also available.

Gaming Console Repair

We service PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles and can diagnose and fix a wide range of issues. Our repairs include disk drive replacement, controller port replacement, and overheating prevention. We can also mod your console for enhanced performance and unlock additional features.

In the end, 911 Tech Repair aims to provide fast, affordable repair solutions so you can get your devices back up and running as quickly as possible. With our lifetime warranties and satisfaction guarantees, you can rest assured we’ll do the job right the first time.

Common Issues We Resolve With Laptops & Desktop Computers

When it comes to laptop and desktop computer issues, our techs have seen it all. Here are some of the most common problems we resolve:

Software Problems

  • Viruses, malware, and ransomware infections. We can remove infections and get your computer running securely again.
  • Operating system errors or crashes. We can diagnose issues with Windows, Mac OS, or Chrome OS and perform repairs or reinstallations if needed.
  • Application errors or crashes. If programs on your computer are acting up, freezing, or refusing to launch, we can troubleshoot the issues and get them working properly again.

Hardware Problems

  • Overheating. If your laptop or desktop is running hot, shutting off randomly, or experiencing performance issues, it may need internal cleaning and fan replacement or repair.
  • Hard drive failures. We can replace damaged hard drives and in many cases rescue your files and data.
  • Memory failures. We can test for bad RAM modules and replace them to get your computer running fast again.
  • Blue screen errors. The dreaded “blue screen of death” usually indicates a hardware or software issue we can diagnose and resolve.

Other Services

  • Data backup and recovery. We can back up your important files and documents in case of hardware failure or accidental deletion.
  • Tune-ups and optimization. We offer full diagnostic tune-ups to clean up bloatware, ensure security updates, and keep your computer or laptop running as efficiently as possible.
  • Upgrades. We can install additional memory, larger hard drives, SSDs, and other components to boost your computer’s performance and extend its useful life.

Whatever issues you’re experiencing with your laptop or desktop computer, our expert team has the solution. Bring it into our nearby Fox Lake shop for an affordable diagnosis and repair. We’ll get your computer back to working order as quickly as possible so you can get back to using it!

Cracked Screens & Other Tablet Repairs We Perform

When it comes to repairing the tablets we all rely on, 911 Tech Repair has you covered. We handle repairs for iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Amazon Fire tablets, and more. If you have a cracked screen, charging issues, or other tablet troubles, bring it in and we’ll get it working like new.

Cracked Screens

Dropped your tablet one too many times? Cracked screens are one of the most common issues we see. We efficiently replace cracked or broken tablet screens, whether they’re LCD, LED or AMOLED displays. Our technicians are experts at screen replacement and calibration to get your tablet screen looking flawless again.

Battery & Charging Problems

If your tablet won’t hold a charge or isn’t charging properly, the battery or charging port may need replacement. We can test your tablet battery health and replace it if needed, as well as fix or replace malfunctioning charging ports.

Software Issues & Data Recovery

We also troubleshoot common software issues like apps that crash or freeze, tablets that are running slow, or problems connecting to Wi-Fi. And if you need data recovered from a broken or malfunctioning tablet, our techs are skilled at safely extracting photos, documents, and other files.

Other Repairs

Additional tablet repairs and services we offer include:

  • Button replacement (home button, volume buttons, etc.)
  • Speaker and headphone jack repair
  • Microphone replacement
  • Rear or front-facing camera replacement
  • General servicing to improve tablet performance

So whether you have an Apple, Samsung, or other tablet in need of repair, 911 Tech Repair has the experience, parts, and tools to get your device working smoothly again. Bring your tablet in today for an affordable, high-quality repair by professionals you can trust.

Diagnosing and Fixing All Kinds of Smartphone Problems

When your smartphone starts acting up, bring it into 911 Tech Repair and we’ll get it back to working order in no time. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing and fixing all kinds of smartphone issues.

Software Problems

If your phone is running slowly, apps are crashing, or the software just seems glitchy, we can perform a hard reset to refresh the operating system. We can also uninstall rogue apps or free up storage space so your phone operates as quickly as the day you got it.

Hardware Issues

Dropped your phone and now the screen is cracked or the camera won’t focus? We offer affordable screen and camera replacements for most major smartphone brands and models. We can also replace malfunctioning buttons, ports, batteries and more.

Water Damage

Did your phone take an accidental swim? Bring it in right away and we may be able to save it. We’ll open up the phone, dry all components and clean any corrosion. With prompt action, water damage is often repairable.

Security and Privacy

Concerned about hackers, malware or loss of personal data on your phone? We can perform a factory reset to wipe your phone clean and reinstall the operating system. We also suggest enabling enhanced security features like fingerprint logins or facial recognition to protect your information going forward.

Trade-Ins and Recycling

If your phone is beyond repair, we offer competitive trade-in values for many devices or can properly recycle your old phone for you. Trade in or recycle and put the value towards a new smartphone—we sell a variety of new and refurbished models.

Whatever issues your smartphone may have, the experts at 911 Tech Repair have the experience, skills and tools to get it working as good as new. Bring your phone in today for an affordable, same-day diagnosis and repair.


So there you have it, folks. If you’re in the Fox Lake area and need your tech repaired or serviced, 911 Tech Repair is the place to go. Their highly skilled technicians can handle any issues with your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. If you find yourself asking  “What are the best computer repair shops near me?” or, “What are the best phone repair shops near me?”, 911 Tech Repair stands out as the nearby Fox Lake leader.  You’ll get fast, affordable service from people who really know their stuff. Why deal with the hassle of big box retailers or shipping your device off for weeks at a time when 911 Tech Repair is right in your own backyard? Head on over to 911 Tech Repair for all your technical support needs. You’ll be glad you did.

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