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Component Repairs for Tablets With Cracked Screens, Water Damage, Bad Batteries, and more

911 LogoAs a modern user of technology, your tablet has likely become an indispensable tool in both your personal and professional life. However, with frequent use comes wear and tear. Cracked screens, water damage, failing batteries, and other issues can render your tablet unusable and compromise your productivity or connectivity. Rather than incurring the cost of full tablet replacement, you now have an affordable option for comprehensive component repair. Specializing in servicing all major tablet brands including the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Surface Pro, and Kindle Fire, technicians have the experience and parts on hand to get your tablet back up and running like new. With services ranging from screen replacement to resolving problems related to charging, sound, buttons and other components, you can have your tablet repaired and restored to full functionality, often within a 24-hour turnaround. Don’t let a damaged or malfunctioning tablet slow you down – tablet repair and refurbishment services provide an easy, budget-friendly solution to keep you powered up and connected. We provide tablet repair services in Crystal Lake & Grayslake and to the nearby towns we serve.

Cracked Screen Repairs for Your Tablet

If your tablet has a cracked screen, it can interfere with functionality and usability. Screen damage often requires professional repair to restore your tablet. We offer specialized cracked screen repair and replacement services for tablets including the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Surface Pro, and Kindle Fire.

Screen Replacement

For tablets with severely cracked screens that are no longer responsive to touch or have broken glass, a full screen replacement is recommended. Our technicians will remove your tablet’s damaged screen and install a new, OEM-quality replacement screen. Screen replacement restores full touchscreen functionality and a smooth surface without dents or scratches.

Glass-Only Repair

If your tablet has a hairline crack that has not yet disrupted touch sensitivity, glass repair may be an option. We use specialized tools and adhesives to fill in and seal small cracks, restoring structural integrity to the glass surface. Glass repair can prevent existing cracks from spreading and avoid the higher cost of a full screen replacement.

LCD and Digitizer Repair

In some cases of screen damage, the underlying LCD and digitizer are still intact and only the glass surface needs replacement. Our technicians can perform glass-only replacement in these situations after testing to ensure the LCD and digitizer are still fully functional. LCD and digitizer repair is a cost-effective solution when the internal screen components do not require replacement.

With years of experience repairing tablet screens of all types, we have the proper techniques, tools, and parts to get your tablet’s touchscreen back in working order. Contact us today for an estimate and to schedule your cracked screen repair.

Repairing Water Damage on Tablets

If your tablet has suffered water damage, immediate action is required to prevent permanent damage. As soon as possible, power off the device and do not attempt to turn it back on.

With prompt disassembly, drying, and reassembly, water damage to tablets can often be repaired. However, the longer a device is left wet, the higher the chance of permanent damage. If you have a water-damaged tablet, don’t delay – contact our 
technicians right away for an affordable solution to get your tablet powered back on.

Replacing Batteries and Resolving Charging Issues for Tablets

If your tablet is no longer holding a charge or having trouble charging, it likely indicates an issue with the battery or charging port. We can diagnose the specific problem and perform necessary repairs or component replacements to get your tablet charging properly again.

Battery Replacement

Most tablets use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which typically lasts 2-3 years before losing significant capacity. If your tablet battery life has dropped off noticeably, it is probably time for a replacement. We stock high-quality replacement batteries for most major tablet models like the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire and Surface Pro. Our certified technicians will properly remove your existing battery and install a new one, ensuring full functionality is restored.

Charging Port Repair or Replacement

The charging port, where you plug in the tablet’s power cable, can sometimes become damaged or defective over time through frequent use or due to an accident. If your tablet is not charging at all, charges intermittently, or the cable does not sit securely in the port, the charging port likely needs repair or replacement. We will examine the port to determine if it can be repaired or if a full replacement is needed. A repaired or replaced charging port will have your tablet charging as good as new.

In some cases, software issues can also interfere with tablet charging. We can diagnose software problems, perform hard resets or updates if needed. For any necessary component replacements, we use high quality, OEM or compatible parts to ensure full compatibility and functionality.

If your tablet has charging problems, don’t delay—battery and charging issues can often be resolved quickly and affordably by our professional technicians. We want to get your tablet back in working order so you can use it for both productivity and entertainment without interruption.


To summarize, if your tablet has suffered physical or technical damage, we offer specialized component repairs to get your device back up and running like new. Our certified technicians have years of experience repairing tablets from all major brands. Whether it’s a cracked screen, water damage, failing battery or other issues, we have the parts and expertise to resolve the problem efficiently and affordably. With our lifetime warranty on parts and labor, you can rest assured your tablet is in good hands. Don’t replace your tablet prematurely or pay high prices at the manufacturer when we can repair or replace individual components at a fraction of the cost. Contact us today to schedule your tablet repair and get back to enjoying your device.

Tablet Repairs

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tablet repair servicesScreen replacement; Glass Repair; Touch Screen Replacement; Water Damage Reversal; Microphone Replacement; Battery Replacement; Charging Port Replacement; Power Button Replacement, and more…