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Get Your Cracked iPad Screen Repaired by 911 Tech Repair

Getting your cracked iPad screen repaired might seem daunting, but with 911 Tech Repair, you can have your device looking good as new in no time. As the premier iPad repair company in the area, 911 Tech Repair has the expertise to handle any iPad model and any type of screen damage quickly and affordably. Their skilled technicians use high-quality replacement parts and advanced tools to ensure your repair is done right the first time. In this article, you’ll learn all about 911 Tech Repair’s iPad screen replacement process, from booking your appointment to picking up your fixed device. You’ll gain confidence knowing your repair is in the hands of seasoned professionals who truly care about your satisfaction. With tips on preparing for your repair visit and making the most of your warranty, you’ll have all the information needed to get your cracked iPad screen fixed by the pros at 911 Tech Repair.

Cracked iPad Screen Repair Options With 911 Tech Repair

Full LCD Display Replacement

For severely cracked or damaged iPad screens, a full LCD display replacement is required. This involves removing your iPad’s damaged display and replacing it with a brand new LCD display. 911 Tech Repair has a wide range of high-quality iPad LCD displays in stock for immediate replacement. An LCD display replacement will have your iPad looking as good as new.

Glass Only Repair

If your iPad screen has superficial cracks or scratches on the glass surface but the LCD display underneath is still fully functional, a glass only repair may be a more affordable option. 911 Tech Repair can replace the cracked glass front panel of your iPad, preserving the LCD display. Glass only repairs provide a cost-effective solution for minor to moderate screen damage.


With fast turnaround, free estimates, quality parts and a lifetime warranty on labor, 911 Tech Repair is the trusted choice for professional iPad repair and service. Let our technicians get your iPad back in working order so you can get back to enjoying it.

LCD and Digitizer Repair for iPad Models

LCD Screen Replacement

If your iPad has a cracked or damaged LCD screen, 911 Tech Repair provides LCD screen replacement services for all iPad models. Our technicians will carefully remove your iPad’s damaged LCD screen and install a high-quality replacement LCD screen. An LCD screen replacement can restore your iPad’s display and touchscreen functionality.

Digitizer Repair or Replacement

The digitizer is the thin, transparent panel covering the LCD screen that registers touch input. If your iPad’s digitizer is damaged or malfunctioning, 911 Tech Repair can repair or replace the digitizer. A digitizer replacement will restore full touchscreen functionality to your iPad. Digitizer repair or replacement services are available for all iPad models.

High-Quality Parts and Skilled Technicians

911 Tech Repair only uses high-quality, rigorously tested replacement parts to ensure your iPad’s display and touchscreen work like new after our repairs. Our skilled technicians have extensive experience performing iPad LCD and digitizer repairs. They follow strict protocols to properly diagnose issues, carefully disassemble your iPad, replace damaged parts, and reassemble your iPad to factory specifications.

Affordable, Fast Service

911 Tech Repair aims to provide the most affordable LCD and digitizer repairs without compromising quality. We can complete most iPad screen repairs within 1 business day and many times within the hour. We also offer same-day service for select iPad models based on part availability. Our affordable rates and fast turnaround times make 911 Tech Repair the most convenient choice for iPad LCD and digitizer repairs.

Fixing Water Damage on Your iPad

If your iPad has been exposed to water, it is important to act quickly to minimize damage and hopefully salvage the device. As soon as possible, power off your iPad and do not charge it. Charging an iPad that has water damage can be dangerous and cause short circuits.

Drying Your iPad

The next step is to dry your iPad as much as possible. Gently wipe down the outside of the iPad with a soft, lint-free cloth to absorb excess water.

Professional Repair

If after a couple of days your iPad is still not powering on or functioning normally, it likely has permanent water damage and needs professional repair. 911 Tech Repair specializes in board-level repair of water damaged electronics. Our technicians will fully disassemble your iPad, clean all components with a special solvent, and let them dry completely. Any corroded or damaged parts will be replaced. Your iPad is then reassembled, tested and restored. Through board repair and restoration, 911 Tech Repair is often able to revive iPads other shops have deemed beyond repair.

While water damage can be severe, if treated properly there is a good chance your iPad can be saved. By bringing your water damaged iPad to 911 Tech Repair as soon as possible, you have the best opportunity for a successful repair and getting your iPad back in working order. Our trained technicians have the experience and proper tools to repair your liquid damaged iPad where other shops may not. Don’t lose hope – we can help save your iPad and the valuable data on it.

Repairing Sticky Buttons or Faulty Switches

To repair sticky buttons or malfunctioning switches on your iPad, it is best to take it to a certified repair shop like 911 Tech Repair. Their trained technicians have the proper tools, parts, and expertise to diagnose and fix issues with your iPad’s hardware components.

Diagnosing the Problem

The technicians will first test your iPad to determine the cause of the sticky or unresponsive buttons. Common problems include built-up dirt or debris under the buttons, liquid damage to internal components, or physical damage to the button modules or logic board. They will test the iPad, visually inspect the internal hardware, and may even take it apart if needed to diagnose the underlying issue.

Cleaning and Repairing

If the problem is due to dirt or debris buildup, the technicians will disassemble your iPad to access and clean the affected components. For liquid damage or hardware issues, they will replace damaged parts like the logic board, button modules, or switches to restore full functionality. All parts are genuine Apple certified components to ensure compatibility and reliability.

Testing and Final Check

Once repairs are complete, the technicians will reassemble your iPad and perform a final test to ensure all hardware including the repaired buttons and switches are functioning properly. They will then clean your iPad to remove any fingerprints before returning it to you. All repairs come with a 90-day warranty on parts and labor.

Protecting Your Data

911 Tech Repair takes data privacy and security very seriously. They will never access or share your private information or data. Your iPad remains in a secured area at all times during the repair process. They recommend backing up your iPad before any repair to ensure your data is protected in the unlikely event of any issues.

With professional diagnosis and repair from 911 Tech Repair, your iPad’s buttons and switches will be working like new again. Their affordable, fast, and guaranteed service provides peace of mind that your device is in the best of hands.

Cracked Screen Repair FAQs

How much does it cost to repair a cracked iPad screen?

The cost to repair a cracked iPad screen depends on your iPad model. At 911 Tech Repair, screen replacement for an iPad ranges from $79 to $349. The latest iPad Pro models with advanced display technology tend to be on the higher end of that range. The exact price for your repair will be determined once our technicians have fully assessed your device.

Do I need an appointment to get my iPad screen fixed?


How long will it take to repair my cracked iPad screen?

On average, an iPad screen replacement takes between 30 to 90 minutes depending on your specific iPad model. The repair time can vary slightly depending on how busy the store is at the time you bring your device in. We aim to have your iPad ready within the same business day whenever possible.

Will I lose any data or functionality after a screen repair?

A cracked screen itself does not typically affect the data or software on your iPad. However, there is an extremely small chance of data loss or software issues occurring during any hardware repair. To ensure your important files, photos, and information are protected, we strongly advise backing up your iPad before bringing it in for screen replacement. Our technicians are trained to handle all devices carefully and minimize risks, but there is always an element of uncertainty with any electronic repair.

Do you offer any warranty on iPad screen repairs?

Yes, all repairs done by 911 Tech Repair come with a 90-day limited warranty. That means if there are any issues with your new iPad screen within 90 days of the repair, just bring your device back in and we will diagnose and repair the problem free of charge. Our warranties provide you with peace of mind and assurance in the quality of our work.


In summary, if you have a cracked iPad screen, 911 Tech Repair is a great option for getting it repaired. Their certified technicians use high-quality parts and advanced tools to fix iPad screens quickly and reliably. With convenient locations, flexible drop-off options, speedy repairs, and affordable pricing, 911 Tech Repair takes the hassle out of the repair process. So next time your iPad screen gets damaged, turn to the experts at 911 Tech Repair to get your device looking and working like new again. With their expertise, your repair will be done properly the first time, allowing you to get back to enjoying your iPad as soon as possible.