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Grayslake iPad Repair

You’ve dropped your iPad and the screen has cracked. You’re frustrated and worried about the cost to fix it. Don’t panic. You’re in luck if you live near Grayslake, Illinois, because 911 Tech Repair offers expert cracked screen repair for iPads at reasonable prices. As experienced iPad repair technicians, they have the training, parts, and experience to properly replace your iPad’s cracked screen and get it working like new again. Read on to learn why you should trust 911 Tech Repair for your iPad repair needs. Their skilled staff, affordable pricing, and top-notch service have made them the go-to iPad repair shop in Grayslake.

Cracked Screen Repair Services for iPads in Grayslake, IL

Professional Diagnosis and Repair

Our certified technicians will thoroughly examine your iPad to determine the cause of the cracked screen and any other issues. We use high-quality parts and industry-leading tools to expertly replace your iPad’s display, ensuring full functionality and crisp visuals are restored.

Fast, Affordable Service

At 911 Tech Repair, we understand how inconvenient it is to be without your iPad, even for a short time. Our team will have your tablet repaired and ready to go in under an hour. We offer affordable pricing and a one-year warranty on all parts and labor.

Data Protection and Security

We take your data and privacy seriously. Our technicians are trained in proper data handling procedures. We will never access or share your personal information or files. Your data will remain private and secured on your device.

Don’t live with an unsightly cracked screen or risk cutting your fingers on the sharp glass. Bring your iPad into 911 Tech Repair in Grayslake today for a fast, professional display replacement and get back to enjoying your tablet.

Charging Port and Battery Replacement for Non-Functioning iPads

If your iPad is no longer charging or holding a charge, it likely needs repair or replacement of the charging port or battery.

Charging Port Repair

The charging port, also known as the dock connector port, is where you plug in your iPad’s charging cable. If this port is damaged, dirty or worn out, your iPad will not charge properly or sync to your computer. Our technicians will fully inspect your iPad’s charging port, clean out any debris and perform necessary repairs or replacement of the port to get your iPad charging again.

Battery Replacement

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery in your iPad will degrade over time and through cycles of charging and discharging. If your iPad battery is no longer holding a charge for very long, it likely needs replacement. Our expert technicians will test your iPad’s battery health, and if needed, replace it with a high-quality, replacement battery. A new battery can restore your iPad’s battery life back to like-new condition.

With a repaired charging port and/or new replacement battery installed by our Apple experts, your non-functioning iPad will be back in working order. There’s no need to replace your iPad if the issues are just related to the charging port or battery—we can get it back up and running at a fraction of the cost of a new device. Our 90-day warranty on parts and labor will give you peace of mind that the repair was done right. If you have an unresponsive or non-charging iPad, bring it in today for an affordable fix by the professionals at 911 Tech Repair in Grayslake.

Water Damage Repair and Data Recovery for Wet iPads

Diagnosis and Repair

If your iPad has been exposed to water, the internal components may have suffered damage and need repair or replacement. Bring your iPad into our Grayslake store as soon as possible so our technicians can open the device, dry any internal parts, and perform necessary repairs. We will test your iPad to determine the extent of any water damage and see if components like the logic board, battery, or display need to be fixed or replaced. We use high-quality components to get your iPad working properly again.

Data Extraction and Recovery

Water exposure can also damage the storage chips that hold your data, photos, and other files. We use advanced data recovery tools to extract information from damaged storage chips and transfer the data to a replacement chip or external storage device. If data recovery is not possible due to extensive damage, we will inform you of your options to avoid losing personal files and information. Our technicians are experts in safely removing, transferring and recovering data from iPads with water damage.

Restoring Software and Settings

Once any necessary hardware repairs are completed and your data has been transferred or recovered, we will reinstall the latest version of iOS and restore your settings and preferences. Your iPad will be returned in like-new working condition with minimal loss of files or customization. We stand behind our water damage repair and data recovery services with a 90-day warranty on parts and labor.

Bring your water-damaged iPad to 911 Tech Repair in Grayslake for diagnosis, repair, and data recovery by our Apple-certified technicians. We have the experience, skills, and tools to get your iPad working again and rescue your files after water exposure. Don’t delay – water damage can worsen over time and reduce the chances of successful repair and data recovery.


In conclusion, cracked screens are an unfortunate but common problem for iPad owners. The good news is that with the right repair shop, you can get your iPad looking good as new again quickly and affordably. 911 Tech Repair has the expertise to properly replace your cracked iPad screen and get you back up and running with your favorite tablet. Their experienced technicians use high-quality parts and back their repairs with guarantees. Rather than living with a cracked iPad screen or trying a DIY home repair, trust the professionals at 911 Tech Repair to make it right. Their Grayslake, IL iPad repair location provides convenient iPad repair services to Lake County residents.


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