Job Description: Part-Time Computer Technician for Seniors (older adults)

Hey there! We’re on the lookout for computer whizzes who can lend a hand to our beloved Seniors. You see, our walk-in computer repair shops have been flooded with requests, and we need some tech-savvy heroes to save the day. So, if you’re a pro at fixing computers and want to make a difference in the lives of older folks, we want you on our team! Join us and let’s bring some much-needed tech support to our Seniors.


Older adults encouraged to apply. As a computer technician, you have the opportunity to provide valuable services to seniors and older adults in your community. 911 Tech Repair is currently hiring part-time technicians to make house calls, troubleshooting computer issues and providing support right in the client’s home. With the aim to help seniors stay connected through technology, these roles allow you to apply your skills in a meaningful way. Your time commitment is flexible, making this an ideal side job or for those looking for supplemental income. If you have experience in computer repair and enjoy working with older adults, this could be a rewarding position for you. The ability to reassure clients and explain technical issues clearly is key. Apply now to join the 911 Tech Repair team in improving accessibility and empowering seniors through on-site tech support.

Job Description: Part-Time Computer Technician for Seniors (older adults)

911 Tech Repair is seeking part-time computer technicians to provide on-site technical support and services for senior citizens in their homes. Candidates should have a technical background, be personable and patient, and willing to travel locally.

Technicians will visit seniors’ homes to troubleshoot technical issues with their desktop and laptop computers, tablets, mobile devices, printers, and other electronics. Responsibilities include:

Diagnosing problems and determining solutions for hardware, software, connectivity and other technical problems.

Performing repairs, upgrades, virus removal, data backup/recovery and other maintenance.

Providing guidance on technology use and educating clients on ways to avoid issues in the future.

Maintaining equipment logs and records of clients and services provided for each visit.

The ideal candidate will have an associate’s degree in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent work experience. Strong customer service orientation and patience in explaining technical concepts to non-technical users is essential. If you enjoy helping others learn and gain confidence using technology in a respectful manner, this may be the perfect part-time opportunity for you.

Very competitive pay and a flexible schedule are offered. All necessary equipment and a company.

Candidates must pass an extensive background check and drug screening.

Required Skills and Qualifications

To be considered for a part-time computer technician role with 911 Tech Repair, you must possess certain skills and qualifications. Candidates should have:

A minimum of 2 years of experience providing technical support for computers, mobile devices, and other digital equipment. Familiarity with both Windows and Mac operating systems is preferred.

Exceptional troubleshooting and problem-solving abilities. You must be able to diagnose issues, repair or replace components, troubleshoot software problems, and resolve connectivity issues. Ability to explain technical problems and solutions to non-technical individuals in a compassionate manner.

Knowledge of common software like web browsers, email clients, security software, and productivity applications. Experience installing, configuring, and updating various software programs.

Strong communication and customer service orientation. You will assist seniors in their homes, so you must be courteous, patient and able to explain complex topics in an easy to understand way.

A valid driver’s license and reliable transportation. Travel between client sites is required. Mileage reimbursement is provided.

As you can see, this part-time computer technician position with 911 Tech Repair offers a great opportunity to use your technical skills to help seniors and older adults. The flexible schedule allows you to fit this position around your other commitments. At the same time, you can gain valuable on-the-job experience and build relationships within your local community. If you have been looking for a part-time job where you can make a real difference in people’s lives, this could be an ideal fit. Working for 911 Tech Repair allows you to help older adults overcome technological challenges so they can stay connected with loved ones and access important services. Apply today and start getting paid to do meaningful work that helps your neighbors thrive.

If you possess the technical aptitude, experience, excellent communication skills, and a desire to help seniors in your community, we encourage you to apply for this rewarding part-time position. Together, we can ensure our clients stay connected in the digital age.

Please email your resume to [email protected]