Insist on LOCA repairs

Liquid Optical Adhesive for Cell Phone Screen Repairs

 LOCA Ultraviolet Light

EXCLUSIVE: 911 Tech Repair has the equipment and know how to use the LOCA technique for cracked screens. We use this method on Samsung and Apple phones and many of the smaller tablets.

Liquid optically-clear adhesive (LOCA) is a liquid-based bonding technology used under ultra violet conditions. This process is used to improve the optical characteristics of the device as well as improve other attributes such as durability. In addition, this technique prevents your LCD from going bad.

“Doing these repairs without using LOCA Glue should be a crime. Unsuspecting customers don’t know the difference until AFTER they’ve paid for a CRAPPY repair using “tape” on the edges instead of the adhesives mentioned above.” It’s too bad irresponsible repair shops take away from the actual “Professionals” in the repair industry.”

Note: Other cell phone repair companies in the area are not capable of this type of repair.

Briefly, NON-LOCA repairs cause:

  1. LCD goes bad very quickly. (Major Expense)
  2. Digitizer intermittently responsive or not at all. (Major Expense)
  3. Dirt and Grime between lens and digitizer.

Stop by any of the 911 Tech Repair locations and we will glad to explain and show you the difference and tell what happens if you don’t have the LOCA technique used on your device.